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Who is ME/CFS Australia?

ME/CFS Australia is the peak body representing all people in Australia living with or affected by ME/CFS. One of our key goals is to influence national health care decision makers to improve the care and treatment of people with ME/CFS.

Our members are ME/CFS organisations in Australia, primarily the state ME/CFS organisations.

Every state and territory ME/CFS association has a director seat on the board open to them to participate in the decision-making of the national body. ME/CFS Australia welcomes and encourages all state organisations to join with us in moving the national agenda forward.

ME/CFS Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation, a registered charity and has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. We were formally incorporated in 1999.

Our Members

Our current member organisations are as follows. 

  • ME/CFS & FM Association NSW, Inc. – state member organisation for New South Wales 
  • ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld, Inc. – state member organisation for Queensland 
  • ME/CFS South Australia, Inc. – state member organisation for South Australia 
  • ME/CFS and Lyme Association of WA, Inc. – state member organisation for Western Australia
  • Bridges & Pathways Institute – located in South Australia
  • Far North Coast ME/CFS Association – located in New South Wales

The member organisation in your local state or area can provide information, support, and other services. Please contact them directly if you need assistance. 

We also encourage you to support them with a donation, or to consider volunteering with them.

Our Board Members (Directors)​

Our board members are responsible for governance and financial oversight of our organisation. 

Our member organisations elect a representative to our board. We also accept skilled board members unaffiliated to our member organisations. 

Our current board members are as follows.

  • Chair – Geoffrey Hallmann
  • Treasurer – Troy Johnson
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Director – Penelope McMillan
  • Director – Robert Longworth
  • Director – Simonne Harrison
  • Director – Lyn Wilson
  • Director – Cathie Powell

Note: Please direct all correspondence to our organisation via post, email, or our contact form, rather than to individual board members.

Member Organisation Representatives​

Our member organisations have nominated these individuals to speak on their behalf, vote, and represent them in board meetings.

  • ME/CFS South Australia, Inc. – Penelope McMillan
  • ME/CFS and Lyme Association of WA, Inc. – Simonne Harrison 
  • ME/CFS & FM Association NSW, Inc. – Robert Longworth
  • ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld, Inc. – Lyn Wilson
  • Bridges and Pathways – Cathie Powell
  • Far North Coast ME/CFS Association – Geoffrey Hallmann

Note: Please direct all member organisation correspondence directly to the member organisation, rather than to member organisation representatives.

Volunteer Support

Our volunteers contribute to a variety of activities for our organisation. Some of these include:

  • Advocacy submissions and letters
  • Meetings with government officials and other stakeholders
  • Liaison with researchers and universities
  • Putting together information and resources for people living with ME/CFS
  • Sharing information via our social media channels
  • Administrative and I.T. support
  • Website updates

Alongside the input by our board members and organisation representatives, ME/CFS Australia also receives support from several other volunteers who are contributing as an extension to their volunteering for state organisations. We have three volunteers from WA (ME/CFS and Lyme Association of WA, Inc.) and a handful from SA (ME/CFS South Australia, Inc.) helping us out. We thank these volunteers for their dedication, support, and sharing their skills and time with us, while simultaneously contributing to their local organisation.

Page last updated: 24 September 2020

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