Coronavirus COVID-19 information for chronically ill patients

People living with chronic illness, including ME/CFS, may be concerned about how COVID-19 might affect them differently to the general population. ME/CFS Australia has therefore provided the following information. The Department of Health (Australia) has published some information on the novel coronavirus. You may also find the World Health Organisation information on the novel coronavirus […]

ME/CFS Australia Ltd. – Relaunched!

After a period of hiatus, ME/CFS (Australia) Ltd is proud to announce that we are back and ready to work for those with the condition throughout Australia. With May 12 marking both the International Awareness day for ME/CFS/FM and a day of international protest with the #MillionsMissing campaign, it seems fitting that the peak body […]

Three new biomarkers for ME/CFS

 Mar 20, 2016 Three separate research teams from Canada, the UK, and Australia have recently published their findings of significant new bio-markers for ME/CFS. Bio-markers are biological substances that can be collected from patients and measured in the laboratory to indicate the presence of disease. Firstly, a team from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) has […]

“Threat receptors” are damaged in people with ME

September 3, 2015 Table of Contents1 Scientists at Queensland’s Griffith University (Australia) have discovered that “threat receptors” which deal with potential attacks to the body are damaged in people with ME.1.1 ME affects between 100,000 to 250,000 people in Australia, leaving around 25 per cent of them bed-bound. Scientists at Queensland’s Griffith University (Australia) have […]

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